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Do you have any magazines in stock that fir my P230SL 380 pistol
Are the Commercial M17 with black controls (with manual safety) also going to be limited in quantity or will they be around for a while?
Are the Commercial M17 with black controls (with manual safety) also going to be limited in quantity or will they be around for a while?
will you be getting more of the p238 owb holsters
Any idea if / when you are getting the Sig Sauer Leatherman Multi Tool for MCX & MPX.
Do you make an AIWB model that fits the P365 when equipped with the Lima365 laserguard?
When will the Sig p250 full size conversion kit in 45acp be available again? Any idea or insight?
Hi do you have any idea, when the Sig mpx parts PKIT-MPX-9-SEMI kit might be available? Thanks
Hello do you have any word on when the Sig P365 Lima Green laser will be available ?
Greetings,When this will available?
Why was this model discontinued?
Can you tell me how long before you can get replacements for the SIG SAUER P227 PARTS KIT.
When in stock
How do you use a military discount through your website.
Would it be possible to switch the 15 round magazine for a 10 round magazine?
when will the 9mm p320 compact conversion kit with the red dot sight be back in stock
Is the Sig 320RX back in stock? One add says back in stock 13 days ago? How many magazines come with the weapon?
Is this SigTac CP4 still in production?
When will the P320 4.4" 9mm threaded barrel be back in stock?
Can you Please notify me as soon as possible when the rainbow Sig 9mm is back in stock.
When will this gun be back in stock?
What are the build dates for your current stock? Post-recall?
Will these be back in stock anytime soon and will the sale continue?Thanks,Artie
Sig was rumored to be coming out with a P365 with a thumb safety in the first quarter of 2019. Are they producing them? Do you have any in stock? How much if you do? If you do not have any now please notify me if they come in. Let me know if they are in production. Thank you.
When do you expect to get the Beretta Bobcat 21A in stock?
Do you guys have this same frame but FDE?
Hello, when will this be back in stock?
When do you expect to get this item back in stock?Sig Sauer P226 9mm TACOPS - FDE
Which location is the Beretta 92 Inox Compact located.
I was wondering if you planned on getting any more Benelli m4 (11715) in your inventory.
If an item is out of stock, can I still order it? Will the item be placed on backorder and delivered when it is restocked?
Hello - when you have back in stock the Sig Xcompact will it still be at the sales price of $569?Thanks
Do you have the p365 12round extended mags in tan color?
Do you have an estimate on when this p229 RX slide assembly with Romeo red dot will be back in stock?Thanks
Any Sig P365 mags available in Coyote Tan? I have the Tan NRA model. I've purchased from you before.Mark in Boise
these ever going to be in stack again?
will you be able to get this from sig anymore?
Is the Sig P365 SAS in stock?
Is there a CAlforina compliant version of the SIG SAUER P226 9MM ELITE SAO W/ ROMEO1 REFLEX SIGHT? If so what to order.
Is this a discontinued product?
Any estimate on when this will be available again?