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Will this mag P229 Legion compact?
Does this trigger fit a Sig-Sauer P220 .45 manufactured in 1989 and does it fit a Sig-Sauer P229 .40S&W manufactured in 1994?
I've got a used P229 in .22 cal conversion kit format. How can I verify this kit will work with this gun? Also, is it possible to buy the kit with a 9mm threaded barrel?
Will the caliber exchange kit work on a 9mm signs P229, or do you need to modify it? Thank you
Will these magazines fit my Sig M11A1 ?
Is it still possible to get the e29-40-sas2b? If not, is it possible to get the m11-a1 in a .40? Thank you, BD
Will this kit fit and work on SIG SAUER 229 9mm enhance elite?
On the SIG Sauer how many bullets does the mag hold?
Will this conversion kit fix P229 Ellis scorpion? And will be available?
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