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will these mags you have on sale work in a m9a3?
Will this mag P229 Legion compact?
Are these the new magazines with the "SIG" marked base plate that fits in the P320 Carry or the older "Sig Sauer" base plates? Thanks
Will these magazines fit my Sig M11A1 ?
is the p210 legend mag made in germany with zipper back or made in italy?
Do the 17 rd fit flush in the 2022 ?--thx
Will this work ion my P250 with X grip module?
What does c grade mean
will thee fit Xgrip carryI'ordered tree that are on the was and wedbsite didn't specify wheteher they are older mags labeled Sog Sauer that don't fit. If they are older ones can I return them?
Proper mag. For Sig M11-A1 ?
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