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It there a mounting adaptor that fits a Sig P226 .22 with factory adjustableiron sights?

TerryTerry Seland

Referenced product: SOR11005

We do not believe the P226 .22 LR slide will be able to function properly with the added weight from the Romeo1 optic. The recoil spring is designed for the weight of the slide and the added weight of the Romeo1 would likely lead to functionality issues (fail to extract or fail to feed). You can definitely call Sig to verify that. Another potential less desirable option might be to use a rail mount that attaches to the frame rail and wraps around the slide to provide a mount above the slide. This mount, http://www.osagecountyguns.com/sig-pistol-bridge-mount-for-railed-pistols.html, would allow a 1913 optic to mount on the P226 but it will be much bigger and bulkier than the Romeo1.

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