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I would like to purchase the Sig P226 Rx Legion slide assembly. Is this available with a 10 round magazine instead of 15 round? Thank you

Phicoll Hong

Referenced product: CALX-226-9-BSS-LEGION-RX

Sig doesn't offer this Legion Caliber X-Change Kit with a 10rd magazine but we do have the ability to swap magazines from high-capacity to 10rd for states like California and NY that restrict capacity. We normally charge $10 to swap the magazines if we cannot repackage the kit magazine to sell as new (we discount the open CALX kit mag for $10 less). This is based on availability of 10rd magazines. Normally you can check to see availability of 10rd P226 mags on our site with the part number MAG-226-9-10.

If we do not have mags in stock to swap, we can ship without the magazine if you'd like to go that route. Because our site prevents sales of high capacity magazines into states with restrictions, we would ask you to call to order by phone at 573-859-6044.

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