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Does this item (SOR11005) fit a legion P229 and a P229 ELITE?

Orlando Diaz

Referenced product: SOR11005

According to the literature and our understanding of the Romeo1 with adapter pack, the included dovetail adapters and plates will allow you to mount this on a P229 Legion or P229 Elite. The adapters will require you to have the rear sight removed and replaced with the adapter base. Our product photos have been updated to show the included adapter plates. The kit includes dovetail adapters for the following:

  • Sig P227
  • Sig P220
  • Sig P226
  • Sig P229
  • Sig P320
  • Sig 1911
  • 1911 Standard
  • Glock Standard Frame
  • Glock MOS
  • Smith & Wesson M&P
  • Smith & Wesson Core
  • Springfield XD
  • HK P2000
  • CZ 75

The difference between using these adapters and buying a RX pistol (or Caliber X-Change Kit) from Sig with the Romeo1 preinstalled is that the slide is milled for the sight when preinstalled by Sig.

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