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I asked earlier today if this sight would fit a SigSauer P320 X Carry. I purchased a Romeo SOR11000 optic sight from Osage earlier this week and had it installed. It went on perfectly. I now need a taller front sight to co-witness with the Romeo rear sight. Since the sight set I am asking about seems to be the only one with a tall front sight, I would like to know if the front sight fits the P320 X Carry. I have no need for the rear sight but am willing to purchase the set if front site does fit. If another option is available, pease advise. Thanks

Richard Rios Beauchamp

Referenced product: SIGHT-SIGLITE-SUP

The front sight in this set will work on the P320 X-Carry. It uses the standard Sig dovetail for the front sight. We haven't seen any other suppressor height sights from Sig yet but always keep our eyes open.

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