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Will this work with the P250 Full Size?

Michael Knisely

Referenced product: BT-430174-K

I own a P250 personally and had it with me today to check. I installed a new P320 slide catch lever (KIT-320-SCL) into the fire control unit because the old SCL will not work in the USW320 grip module. After installing the SCL, the fire control unit properly seated in the USW320 kit. We weren't able to test fire the kit but we did check the trigger functionality with it unloaded. We observed that the trigger didn't properly reset after the first trigger pull. Essentially there is no restrike functionality. The trigger did function and reset when racking the slide. The fire contol unit with the updated SCL did fit and function properly in the original P250 grip module and it did reset / restrike as it should. It is our assumption that there is a very minor variation in the specs of the mold used for the 320USW kit where there is something causing an issue with the reset / restrike.

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